Wave Rock, Pinnacles & RottnestDay Tour

$1,200.00 Inc GST/Per Adult (Half Price Children*)

Wave Rock, Pinnacles & RottnestDay Tour

$1,200.00 Inc GST/Per Adult (Half Price Children*)

Fly out over the foot hills of Perth and across the vast farm lands to Wave Rock. Then fly to Cervantes, a small fishing village where you will be driven to the Pinnacles Desert to stroll through the unique formations. . We will then head back over the Pinnacles and inaccessible Dead Pinnacles. Flying down the coast along endless beaches to Rottnest Island. Finish by relaxing on Perth’s holiday island and meet the small kangaroo type Quokka before heading back to Perth.

Minimum of 2 adults.

(lunch is included)


Wave Rock, Pinnacles and Rottnest Island, Extra Value Day Tour

07:30 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly out above the city, over the foot hills and across the inland farming country.
08:30 Arrive for a ground tour of Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn.
10:00 Time for morning tea, purchase souvenirs, and if you wish stroll through the wildlife park, Lace Place and Toy Museum.
10:30 Fly over the central wheat belt to the fishing town of Cervantes.
(Light lunch served in flight)
12:00 Ground Tour of the Pinnacles
14:00 Fly out over the Pinnacles & Dead Pinnacles (seen only from the air), then along the west coast and out over the Indian Ocean to Rottnest Island.
15:00 Spend time relaxing on Perth’s holiday island, swim, snorkel and see the small kangaroo type Quokka.
16:30 Fly back to Perth via Fremantle.
17:00 Arrive Jandakot Airport, Perth.


Half Price, Please check the terms and conditions


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