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About US

Enjoy Australia’s vast beauty in speed and comfort by combining air and ground touring.

Kookaburra Air was the first air tour business operating from Perth, Western Australia and with its Darwin base covers the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Kimberley. By combining tours that cover air, land & water, Kookaburra Air gives you the opportunity to gain a real appreciation of Australia’s vast expanse with unique places and exiting experiences.

Operating for over 22 years, Kookaburra Air offers a vast overview of the breath-taking locations within the Northern Territory, Kimberly and Western Australia. Not only are we able to provide you with a scenic flight experience of a lifetime but our tours also include sights and activities on the ground that are simply unmissable.

With a dedicated team of experienced pilots and operators, we’re all about making sure your tour is safe, enjoyable and something you will remember for years to come.

With so much more to offer, join us for one of our Scenic Flight Tours and take off on the experience of a lifetime.