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Bungle Bungles & Lake Argyle Adventure Tour

$1,800 Inc GST/Per Person

Bungle Bungles & Lake Argyle Adventure Tour

$1,800 Inc GST/Per Person

Experience a full-day adventure tour of the Bungle Bungles, with a scenic flight out along the coast of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, over the famous Bungle Bungles and mighty Ord River and across the massive inland expanse of water known as Lake Argyle. Then land for a 4WD and Walking ground tour and immerse yourself in the Bungle Bungles, and see unique wonders including the Domes and Cathedral Gorge.

Bungle Bungles & Lake Argyle Adventure Tour

The tour will depart from Darwin Airport, where you prepare for some of the most phenomenal sights anywhere in the world. Firstly, fly out over outback Australia, including the Kimberley region and, most noteworthy, the scenic north west coastline. Upon arriving in Kununurra, the tour will head towards the renowned Bungle Bungles. These huge sandstone towers were molded by twenty million years of erosion and weathering. This all lead to the stunning, multi-coloured pillars we see today. Moreover, seeing them from the sky is an absolutely unbeatable experience, as only from there is it possible to understand the scale and unbelieveable beauty of the ranges. Afterwards, the tour will lead you to a lesser known spectacle of the Australian Outback. Fly over the Ord River to reach Lake Argyle, and revel in the beauty of this colossal freshwater lake molded by the ancient landscape.

After the Scenic, land at Bungles Airport for a 4WD & Walk Adventure to see the wonders of the Bungle Bungles from the ground, including the Domes & Cathedral Gorge. Explore the Bungle bungles by foot, or take some time to relax. Take in your surroundings and enjoy lunch provided by us. Then return to the skies for the flight back to Darwin.


Minimum of 2 adults per booking


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08.45 CST* Arrive at Kookaburra Air, 3 Lois Lane, Darwin Airport

09.00 CST Depart on scenic flight of Coast, Lake Argyle & Bungles (2 1/2 hr flight)

10.00 WST Arrive at Bungles Airport

10.30 WST Depart on Bungles 4WD & Walk Adventure (lunch provided)

15.30 WST Arrive back at Bungles Airport & Depart for Darwin

19.20 CST Arrive back at Kookaburra Air

CST=Central Standard Time WST=Western Standard Time



Infants (0-2 years inclusive) are free, however seating cannot be guaranteed and infants may have to sit on the parents lap if seating is not available.


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