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Wave Rock Half Day

$690 Inc GST/Per Person

Wave Rock Half Day

$690 Inc GST/Per Person

Beat the crowds with a breathtaking scenic flight from Perth to Wave Rock. Stand in awe of the giant stone formation as you spend the day exploring, discovering and embracing all that it has to offer. You’ll also get the chance to visit Hippo’s Yawn and a number of other local attractions.

Wave Rock & Hippo’s Yawn Half Day

Our combined air and ground tour is the perfect way to see Wave Rock without long, busy bus rides. Start with a scenic flight from Perth, flying out over foothills and into outback Australia. Soar over vast networks of colourful lakes, plotted in between forests and farmland only seen from the air. After touching down, our guides will drive you to one of WA’s premier attractions, the famous Wave Rock. Take a moment to absorb the spiritual stillness of the place, in the cool of the morning before the crowds. Afterwards, sit in awe under the shade of the massive wave and make the most of a photo opportunity.

Another, lesser known, attraction is Hippo’s Yawn. A marvelous rock formation which gets its name from it’s appearance – that of a giant hippo yawning. After exploring the rocky outcrops and unique structures, settle down with some morning tea, and perhaps a leisurely stroll through the local wildlife park, Toy Museum, or Lace Place.

(morning tea not included)

Minimum of 2 adults.

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Wave Rock Half Day Tour (Afternoon tours available on request)

07:30 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport.
Fly out above the city, over the foothills and across the inland farming country.

08:30 Arrive for a ground tour of Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn.

10:00 Optional morning tea, wildlife park and Toy Museum visit.

11:00 Depart Wave Rock for your return flight to Perth.

12:00 Arrive Jandakot Airport, Perth.


Infants (0-2 years inclusive) are free, however seating cannot be guaranteed and infants may have to sit on the parents lap if seating is not available.


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