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A fascinating scenic flight along the 750 kilometres of West Australian coastline, from the busy city beaches to the pristine remoteness and enormity of Shark Bay. Along with breathtaking views are the famously friendly Monkey Mia dolphins, which come to shore for their daily feed. Keep an eye out for marine life, including Sharks, Dugongs, Turtles and Rays; all of which can be seen from the air.


Monkey Mia Dolphins Tours



Monkey Mia Dolphins


  • 06:30 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly along the west coast from fishing villages on sandy beaches, over the Pink Lake and rugged coastal cliffs onto the vastness of Shark Bay.

Enjoy a breathtaking flight from Perth to Shark Bay along almost 800 km of West Australia’s coastline. Upon arrival you’ll have the chance to meet the famous Monkey Mia Dolphins for their breakfast at the relaxing Monkey Mia Resort. Enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the beach, before taking to the skies in search of some of the large marine animals present in Shark Bay. Keep an eye out for Dolphins, Dugongs, Sharks, Turtles and Rays, all of which can be seen from the air. Please inquire about our Tour Options  such as, morning Wildlife cruise, Marine Park, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool, Pinnacles, Kalbarrie and overnight stays. Minimum of 2 adults

行程 06:30从Jandakot机场Baron Way 4的Jandakot飞行中心出发。 从渔村的沙滩沿粉红色的湖水飞过西海岸, 崎coastal不平的沿海悬崖,直通鲨鱼湾。

享受从珀斯到鲨鱼湾的惊人旅程,以及西澳大利亚州近800公里的海岸线。 抵达后,您将有机会在轻松的Monkey Mia Resort度假村与著名的Monkey Mia海豚见面并享用早餐。 在俯瞰天空之前,先在海滩上享用美味的午餐,然后搜寻鲨鱼湾中的一些大型海洋动物。 密切注意海豚,儒艮,鲨鱼,海龟和射线,所有这些都可以从空中看到。 请咨询我们的壳牌海滩和哈梅林泳池选项,以及可选的Pinnacles天桥。 最少2位成人

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