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Experience the Abrolhos Islands wonder above and below the water with a combined scenic flight and ground tour giving you the option to swim, snorkel, and explore the islands. With abundant wildlife, coral reefs and sandy beaches, this is the ideal location for a taste of island life. Let yourself discover their beauty and uncover the history behind the famous shipwreck island chain.

Abrolhos Islands Scenic & Snorkel Adventure Tour


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Abrolhos Islands Scenic &  Snorkel Adventure Tour


  • 07:30 Depart from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 barn Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly up from Geraldton along the west coast and 80km out over the Indian Ocean to the unique and remote Abrolhos Islands.
  • 09:30 Arrive on East Wallaby Island and enjoy a day of exploration, wildlife and island beaches. If you like, snorkel around the ocean corals and diverse fish life.
  • 12:30 Picnic lunch on the beach overlooking Turtle Bay.
  • 14:30 Fly back over the island chain to Perth. Keep an eye out for whales from July-November.
  • 16:30 Arrive back at jandakot AIrport, Perth.
  • Experience Outback Adventure Whale Sharks (March to June) Duration Extended Tour Highlights (Routes): Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay

Enjoy the fastest, most efficient route to the Abrolhos Islands with a remarkable flight from Perth. Take in Western Australia’s famed coastline of beaches, townships, bushland and cliffs before flying over the Indian Ocean. Then, prepare yourself for the ultimate island adventure, landing on East Wallaby Island. Explore the islands at your leisure, with an abundance of things to see above and below water. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Turtle Bay if you so desire, or take it a step further and bring a snorkel. Colourful corals and marine life are only a few metres from shore, including a diverse range of fish, crayfish and seals. Take some time to relax in the serenity, or enjoy a picnic on the beach. Optional scuba diving and fishing can be arranged upon request. Please enquire about our optional scenic flight over the Pink Lake, Hutt Lagoon, on route to the remote Islands. Minimum of 2 adults

行程 07:30从Jandakot机场4 barn Way的Jandakot飞行中心出发。 从杰拉尔顿(Geraldton)沿西海岸飞起,在印度洋上空80公里,到达独特而偏远的亚伯罗斯群岛(Abrolhos Islands)。 09:30抵达东瓦拉比岛,享受探索,野生动植物和岛屿海滩的一天。 如果您愿意,可以在海洋珊瑚和各种鱼类生活中浮潜。 12:30在俯瞰Turtle湾的海滩上享用午餐。 14:30飞越环岛链到珀斯。 注意7月至11月的鲸鱼。 16:30抵达珀斯的jandakot机场。 体验内陆探险鲸鲨(3月至6月) 时长扩展之旅亮点(路线):珊瑚湾宁格鲁礁

从珀斯出发,乘坐非凡的航班,即可享受最快,最高效的到达阿布罗霍斯群岛的航线。 在飞越印度洋之前,先进入西澳大利亚州著名的海滩,城镇,丛林和悬崖海岸线。 然后,为最终的岛屿冒险做好准备,登陆东瓦拉比岛。 您可以在闲暇时探索岛屿,并在水上和水下查看丰富的事物。 如果您愿意,可以在龟背湖清澈的海水中游泳,或者更进一步,然后浮潜。 五彩缤纷的珊瑚和海洋生物距离海岸仅数米之遥,其中包括各种各样的鱼类,小龙虾和海豹。 花一些时间在宁静中放松一下,或者在沙滩上野餐。 可应要求安排可选的水肺潜水和钓鱼活动。 请询问我们在通往偏远岛屿的途中在赫特泻湖粉红湖上进行的可选风景飞行的情况。 最少2位成人

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