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Fly to the amazing Kalbarri gorges, sculpted by the Murchison River over thousands of years. Touch down and  the tour will take you into the heart of the gorges, where you can find ‘Natures Window’. Sweeping cliffs, amazing rock formations and a view you will never forget all await you.

Kalbarri Gorges & West Coast Day Tour


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Kalbarri Gorges & West Coast Day Tour


  • 07:00 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly along the West Coast, over fishing villages and sandy beaches, as well as the amazing Pink Lake.
  • 09:00 Arrive at Kalbarri and relax while we drive you to the spectacular inland Gorges, sculpted by the mighty Murchison River in Australia’s outback.
  • 12:00 Back to Kalbarri for lunch, followed by a tour atop the rugged coastal cliffs
  • 14:30 Depart Kalbarri, flying south along the caved cliffs of Kalbarri on your way back to Perth.
  • 16:30 Arrive back at Jandakot Airport, Perth.

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. This tour departs from Jandakot Airport, from which you will fly along stretches of sandy beaches, bushland, sweeping cliff faces and even the Pink Lake. Upon touching down in Kalbarri, we will drive you to Kalbarri National Park, where the Kalbarri gorges await you. Bare witness to the Murchison River, and the spiritual marvel it has given birth to in the gorges. Around every twist and turn, another picturesque landscape leading to the famous “Nature’s Window”. Relax with some Lunch before the tour takes you atop the rugged coastal cliffs. Another gem of Western Australia’s coastline, these mammoth cliffs are an unmissable experience. Please enquire about our optional Pinnacles ground tour and scenic flight! Minimum of 2 adults

行程 07:00从Jandakot机场Baron Way 4号Jandakot飞行中心出发。 沿着西海岸,渔村和沙滩以及令人惊叹的粉红色湖(Pink Lake)飞行。 09:00抵达卡尔巴里(Kalbarri),放松身心,然后我们驱车前往壮观的内陆峡谷,该峡谷由澳大利亚内陆强大的默奇森河(Murchison River)雕刻而成。 12:00返回卡尔巴里享用午餐,然后在崎coastal的沿海悬崖上游览 14:30离开卡尔巴里(Kalbarri),在返回珀斯的路上沿着卡尔巴里(Kalbarri)的陡峭悬崖飞向南方。 16:30抵达珀斯Jandakot机场。

为一生的经历做好准备。 这次旅行从Jandakot机场出发,您将沿着那里的沙滩,灌木丛,陡峭的悬崖甚至粉红色的湖面飞翔。 在卡尔巴里降落后,我们将带您前往卡尔巴里国家公园,卡尔巴里峡谷在那里等待着您。 裸露见证了默奇森河,以及在峡谷中孕育的精神奇迹。 围绕着每一个曲折,另一个风景如画的风景通向著名的“自然之窗”。 在游览带您到崎coastal的沿海悬崖顶之前,先吃点午餐放松一下。 这些巨大的悬崖是西澳大利亚州海岸线的另一瑰宝,是一次不容错过的经历。 请咨询我们可选的Pinnacles地面之旅和风景秀丽的航班! 最少2位成人

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