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Fly from Perth to the famous, curious Pinnacles Desert along stunning coastline. A vast array of limestone formations protrude from the ground, forming a forest of stone waiting for you to explore! You’ll even get to see the exclusive, mysterious ‘dead pinnacles’ – a sight only seen from the sky.

The Pinnacles Desert Tour


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The Pinnacles – Half Day Tour

Itinerary  (Afternoon tours available on request)

  • 07:30 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly along the west coast to the fishing town of Cervantes.
  • 08:30 Ground Tour of Pinnacles Desert
  • 10:30 Fly over the Pinnacles & Dead Pinnacles (seen only from the air) to Perth
  • 11:30 Arrive Jandakot Airport, Perth

Take the easy route with a fast, comfortable flight from Perth to the Cervantes. During the flight, take in the views of WA’s coastline, with stunning beaches, shipwrecks and bushland all of which look amazing from up high. After landing in Cervantes, a small fishing town on the Coast, let us drive you to the famous Pinnacle Desert. The Pinnacles themselves are a curious and awe-inspiring network of tall limestone structures. Seemingly standing together in the middle of nowhere, this natural wonder awaits you for a day of  discovery and photo opportunities. After exploring the desert, the tour take to the skies once more, this time flying over the desert itself. Here, you will uncover a new appreciation for the Pinnacles and their beauty. Finally, fly over the mysterious ‘dead pinnacles’ – a second collection of isolated structures, nestled amongst bush. These, however, can only be seen from the air, and therefore on this tour!   Minimum of 2 adults

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