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From the air and from land, experience the best Albany and Australia’s Southwest has on offer. Walk among giants on the Tree Top Walk in the tingle forest, and on pristine white beaches with turquoise waters on Denmark’s coast. Learn about one of WA’s earliest major enterprises at the Old Whaling Station. Marvel at the power of the Southern Ocean and some of it’s greatest works, including Albany’s ‘The Gap’ and the ‘Natural Bridge’. And do it all in one day.

Albany Southwest Wilderness Day Tour



Albany and Southwest Wilderness Tour


  • 06:30 Departs from Jandakot Flight Centre, 4 Baron Way, Jandakot Airport. Fly out above the city, over the foot hills of Perth and across southern farming country
  • 08:00 Arrive in Albany and relax while we drive you through spectacular country shaped by the Southern Ocean. Stop in the ancient tingle forests and walk amongst the tree tops on the famous Tree Top Walk. Have lunch in the gorgeous town of Denmark and visit some it’s picturesque beaches. Afterwards we will drive to Albany and visit the Old Whaling Station, as well as the Natural Bridge and Gap.
  • 16:00 Fly back out over the south coast before heading back to Perth.
  • 17:30 Arrive back at Jandakot Airport, Perth.

Fly from Perth to Australia’s Southwest, with views of gorgeous beaches, farmland and glimpses of outback Australia. After the flight, we will drive you around to the very best spots the region has to offer. A coastal drive to the ancient and spiritual tingle forests leads you to the Tree Top Walk, where you can walk among the giants, getting a view of the forest from the tree tops. The tour then extends to Denmark, a tranquil country town with stunning white beaches and turquoise waters. Here, you’ll also visit the gorgeous and unique “Elephant Rocks”, a collection of massive rocks littering a secluded beach. Take some time out to relax and enjoy a meal, before we drive you to Albany. Here, you’ll see a page from Australia’s history books. at the Old Whaling Station; where a major industry thrived for many years. Moreover, the pinnacle of the tour takes you to the Southern Ocean on the coast of Albany. Here, the awe inspiring ‘Gap’ and ‘Natural Bridge’ tell a story thousands of years in the making. These epic geological structures stand at the border of land and sea, showing off the raw power of the Southern Ocean. As the stone bridge was formed by the waves, it will eventually collapse, however still stands strong today. From July to October, whales can be seen off the coast. The option of a shorter tour including only the tingle forest and the Tree Top Walk is available.   Minimum of 2 adults

06:30从Jandakot机场Baron Way 4的Jandakot飞行中心出发。 飞越城市,越过珀斯的山脚,越过南部的农耕国 08:00到达奥尔巴尼(Albany),放松身心,同时我们带您穿越南部海洋塑造的壮丽国家。 停在古老的麻木森林中,然后在著名的Tree Top Walk的树梢上漫步。 在美丽的丹麦小镇享用午餐,并参观一些风景如画的海滩。 之后,我们将驱车前往奥尔巴尼,参观旧捕鲸站,以及天然桥和峡。 16:00飞回南海岸,然后返回珀斯。 17:30抵达珀斯Jandakot机场。

从珀斯飞往澳大利亚西南部,欣赏美丽的海滩,农田和澳大利亚内陆一瞥。航班起飞后,我们将带您前往该地区最好的景点。沿海驱车前往古老的精神森林,带您进入树顶漫步,您可以在巨人间漫步,从树顶上欣赏森林的景色。然后,行程将延伸到丹麦,一个宁静的乡村小镇,拥有迷人的白色海滩和碧绿的海水。在这里,您还将参观华丽而独特的“大象岩石”,这是一块散落在僻静海滩上的巨大岩石。 在我们开车送您前往奥尔巴尼之前,请花点时间放松身心并享用一顿饭。在这里,您会看到澳大利亚历史书籍中的一页。在旧捕鲸站;一个主要产业蓬勃发展的地方。此外,这次旅行的顶峰将带您到达奥尔巴尼海岸的南大洋。在这里,令人敬畏的“差距”和“自然桥梁”讲述了一个故事,数千年的故事正在酝酿之中。这些史诗般的地质构造位于陆地和海洋的边界,彰显了南大洋的原始力量。由于石桥是由海浪形成的,它将最终坍塌,但今天仍然坚固。从七月到十月,可以在海岸上看到鲸鱼。 可以选择短途旅行,仅包括麻木森林和树顶漫步。

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