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Fly over Fremantle and out across the Indian Ocean to the clear waters of Rottnest Island. Take in the unforgettable views of the Island from up high before spending the day relaxing on the island.

Rottnest Island Half Day


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Rottnest Island Half-Day Tour


  • 10:00 Depart from Jandakot Flight Centre, Jandakot airport and fly out over Fremantle and out across the Indian Ocean
  • 10:15 Arrive Rottnest and walk or catch the bus into the holiday village to enjoy your time relaxing and having lunch
  • 14:00 Fly back from Rottnest
  • 14:15 Arrive at Jandakot Flight Centre Jandakot Airport


  • Optionally you may take a boat cruise back to Perth or Fremantle at your leisure. (Lunch not included.)

Depart Perth for a taste of Island life, with a chartered flight to Rottnest. Take in the stunning views of the Indian Ocean and Perth’s beaches before marvelling at Rottnest Island from the sky. The only way to truly appreciate Rottnest is to see its unforgettable beauty from the air. Touch down and enjoy Lunch, and perhaps a swim at one of the many renowned beaches Rottnest has on offer. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the local inhabitants, the cute and friendly Quokkas, which hop around the island day and night. The option for a one-way flight to or from the island is also available, as well as the fly and cruise option, where you can fly to Rottnest and return via ferry to Fremantle or Perth at your leisure. Minimum fare of 2 adults applies.

行程 罗特尼斯岛半天 10:00从Jandakot机场的Jandakot飞行中心出发,飞越Fremantle,飞越印度洋

乘珀斯飞往罗特尼斯(Rottnest),启程前往珀斯,体验岛屿生活。 在从空中欣赏罗特尼斯岛之前,先欣赏印度洋和珀斯海滩的壮丽景色。 真正欣赏Rottnest的唯一方法是从空中看到它刻骨铭心的美丽。 着陆并享受午餐,也许还可以在Rottnest提供的众多著名海滩中游泳。 别忘了留意当地居民,可爱又友善的Quokkas,它们日夜在岛上闲逛。 还提供往返于岛上的单程航班选项,以及飞行和巡航选项,您可以在其中飞往罗特尼斯,并在有空时通过渡轮返回弗里曼特尔或珀斯。 最低票价为2位成人。

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