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The pinnacle of Top End experiences, our Katherine Gorge Tour combines air, water and ground touring to make sure you get the most out of your trip. You’ll see every aspect of the spectacular gorges, as well as the ancient, spiritually enchanting landscape that stretches across the Northern Territory. After a spectacular scenic flight from Darwin and over Katherine, a boat cruise through the winding gorges awaits you. A once in a lifetime helicopter tour through the inaccessible gorges makes this tour simply amazing.

Katherine Gorge Flight with Cruise & Heli Tour


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Katherine Gorge Helicopter & Cruise Day Tour

  • Itinerary
  • 0630     Arrive at Kookaburra Air – 3 Lois Lane, Darwin Airport
  • 0645     Depart on scenic flight to Katherine
  • 0815     Arrive at Katherine Airstrip and bus to the Gorge
  • 0900     Depart on Cultural Cruise
  • 1100     Cruise arrives back at the dock.
  • 1130     Depart on Helicopter Scenic Flight  –  (heli weight limit per pax is 120Kg)
  • 1215     Lunch and time to relax.  –  (lunch not includec in the base price)
  • 1330    Depart for Katherine Airport
  • 1400     Depart Katherine Airport for Darwin
  • 1530     Arrive back at Kookaburra Air

A true departure from the ordinary, your journey will begin with a compelling flight south to the breath-taking Katherine Gorge. Pass over the rugged Aussie Outback, as well as the Adelaide River and Pine Creek. After taking in the views of the landscape, the scenic flight extends over Katherine Gorge itself, with an all encompassing view of the grandeur and brilliance of the gorges.

Join a life-changing experience with an awe-inspiring 2-hour boat cruise through the Gorge, where you will be able to take in every remarkable aspect of the Katherine Gorge. The highlights continue with a helicopter flight taking you to hard-to-reach gorges that are as stunning as they are remote.  Then take a moment to relax or lunch with a beverage before once again boarding a plane and returning to Darwin.

  • Minimum of 2 adults


到达达尔文机场(Kookaburra Air)– Lois Lane 3号










真正不同于平凡的旅程,将是从向南行驶到令人叹为观止的凯瑟琳峡谷的令人信服的航班开始。 越过崎Out的澳大利亚内陆,阿德莱德河和派恩克里克。 在欣赏完景观之后,风景优美的飞行飞越了凯瑟琳峡谷本身,尽享峡谷的壮丽和辉煌。

亮点继续进行直升飞机的飞行,带您进入难以触及的峡谷,就像遥远的地方一样令人惊叹。 令人难忘的2小时游船穿越峡谷,将带给您终生难忘的体验,在这里您将可以饱览凯瑟琳峡谷的各个重要方面。 请花点时间放松,然后再次登上飞机并返回达尔文。



Arrive at Kookaburra Air – 3 Lois Lane, Darwin Airport

Depart on scenic flight to Katherine

Arrive at Katherine Airstrip and bus to the Gorge

Arrive at Katherine Gorge and depart on Helicopter Scenic Flight.

Bus transfer to Nitmiluk Cultural Centre, with time to relax and have lunch.

Depart on Cultural Cruise

Cruise arrives back at the dock.

Depart the Gorge for Katherine Airport

Depart Katherine Airport for Darwin

Arrive back at Kookaburra Air


Infants (0-2 years inclusive) are free, however seating cannot be guaranteed and infants may have to sit on the parents lap if seating is not available.

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