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Litchfield is one of the Northern Territory’s hidden treasures, and seeing it from the air is the best way to fully appreciate it. Our Scenic Flight will show you the hidden corners of Litchfield, which are largely inaccessible by land. Stunning waterfalls, wetlands and ancient Outback landscapes provide perplexing views that won’t soon be forgotten. From Litchfield, the flight will take you over the wild Daly River and it’s delta, before flying up the untouched West Coast of the Top End.

Litchfield & Daly River Scenic Flight


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Litchfield & Daly River Scenic Flight



  • 0830     Arrive at Kookaburra Air (3 Lois Lane, Darwin Airport)
  • 0900     Depart on Scenic Flight
  • 1100     Arrive back at Kookaburra Air

Fly out from Darwin City over the Darwin River Dam, Famous Rum Jungle Uranium Mine and onto the majestic Litchfield escarpments. Unlike other regions that depend on the Wet Season, Litchfield boasts year-round waterfalls and wetlands, including Reynold’s River. Experience a bird’s eye view of the Magnetic Ant Hills, Cascades, Lost City, and the many majestic waterfalls including the Florence, Tjenja, Wangi, Tolmer and Sandy Creek Falls.

From Litchfield, we fly south over crocodile-breeding wetlands of the Daly River to the wide Daly River delta as it spills into the sea. Then we will fly back to Darwin along the remote West Coast via Channel Point, Crab Claw Island and Darwin Harbour.

Minimum of 2 adults.





从达尔文市飞越达尔文河大坝,著名的朗姆酒丛林铀矿,然后驶向雄伟的利奇菲尔德悬崖。 与其他依赖湿季的地区不同,利奇菲尔德拥有全年瀑布和湿地,包括雷诺河。 鸟瞰磁性蚁丘,喀斯喀特山脉,失落之城以及许多雄伟壮观的瀑布,包括佛罗伦萨,Tjenja,Wangi,托尔默和桑迪克里克瀑布。

我们从利奇菲尔德(Litchfield)向南飞过戴利河(Daly River)的鳄鱼繁育湿地,直至宽阔的戴利河三角洲(Daly River delta)溢入大海。 然后,我们将沿着遥远的西海岸,经由海峡角,蟹爪岛和达尔文港飞回达尔文。




Arrive at Kookaburra Air (3 Lois Lane, Darwin Airport)

Depart on Scenic Flight

Arrive back at Kookaburra Air


Infants (0-2 years inclusive) are free, however seating cannot be guaranteed and infants may have to sit on the parents lap if seating is not available.

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